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Friday, May 1, 2015

Grilled Chicken Kebabs (Chicken Skewers)

Grilled Chicken Kebabs (Chicken Skewers) look fancy, but they are easy breezy. You will W-O-W your family or dinner guests with this main dish because they look like they took more time than usual to prepare. 

Let them think you put some extra time into preparation...perception is reality! Take all the kudos you can get!

(Can you keep a secret? Cutting the chicken into approximately 1-inch cubes = more surface area = quicker grilling time!  The added time of cubing the chicken is more than accounted for with the time you save in grilling.  But wait - there's more! Because it will take less time to cook to the center, there is less of a chance that the meat will dry out from overcooking.)

Here's how:

Cube the chicken (or other muscle of your choice...yes, meat is muscle if you haven't thought about it before) into approximately 1-inch pieces:

Allow the meat it to marinade for a sufficient period of time:

Thread onto bamboo skewers (You may want to soak the skewers in water while the meat is marinating so the skewers don't catch on fire when on the grill. I rarely do that, but it is a good idea.):

And grill until cooked through, turning occasionally with tongs:

Voila! Dinner made easy!



grace said...

i LOVE when the weather becomes nice enough to fire up the grill, partly because i love the food and partly because my beau does most of the work! we'll have to try these--everything's better on a stick. :)

Anna and Liz Recipes said...

Can't wait to start grilling outside - these will be great for entertaining too!

Unknown said...

Wow! A recipe that actually uses meat. Here I was thinking that this site was only for vegetable lovers. Do you have any great recipes for the marinade for the chicken?

Unknown said...

Hello, Steven-
Thank you for the question! McCormick Grill Mates marinade mixes are a staple in my pantry. For chicken, my favorite is the Garlic, Herb and Wine flavor.

Unknown said...
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Natalie @ Obsessive Cooking Disorder said...

Yum, I love kabobs. Alas they're so much work so I rarely make them, but I'd eat them all day if I could.

PS. Goodness, you posted at 1am!