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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Grilled Okra

Okra recently made its seasonal debut at the Farmer's Market and we could not have been more excited! Okra is one of those veggies that seems to be quite polarizing: love it or hate it. We love it!

There are many ways okra can be prepared: fried, pickled or as an ingredient in a gumbo or stew. One of our favorite methods of preparing okra is to simply grill. 

The key is to find okra that are small, probably 2 inches long maximum. Okra that are too big are tough and fibrous and will not get tender. 

Preparation is simple. Here's how:


  • Farm Fresh Okra - whatever amount you desire
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Kosher Salt
  • Paprika (Picante or Hungarian or Smoked)

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry okra.
  2. Place okra in bowl large enough to comfortably mix.
  3. Add enough olive oil, one teaspoon at a time, to lightly coat okra.
  4. Season as desired with salt and paprika.
  5. Thread okra on bamboo skewers. In order to keep the okra stable during grilling, it is recommended to thread through two parallel skewers.
  6. Grill over medium heat until tender, approximately 5 - 8 minutes per side.


Medha @ Whisk & Shout said...

I love okra cooked in Indain curry, but I've never had it grilled! Looks amazing :)

Unknown said...

Okra is best when it's deep-fried in a corn meal batter.

Pam said...

No farmers' market open here until June, so will be looking for okra. This just might be the way to try it! It sounds good!